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Cascade Cliffs 1997

Bob Lorkowski, Winemaker

Bob began making wine during his childhood when his parents would fill the backseat of the family car with fruit from the local farmer’s market and take it home to make wine.

“My grandfather was a moonshiner. Wine was drank freely and I was fascinated by fermentation,” says Lorkowski. Originally taking vacations from the banking industry to help with the crush, since 1990 Bob has worked for Paul Thomas, Cavatappi in Kirkland and Chinook in Prosser.

While purchasing grapes for his own label – Sha Toe Du Bob – Lorkowski was asked about taking a permanent interest in Cascade Cliffs by the previous owner and winemaker, Ken Adcock.
Lorkowski and partners purchased the winery in 1997 and have increased production from 2 to nearly 4 thousand cases focusing on piedmont varietals.